The RReSTORe Consoritum Publications

Below you will find publications which have arisen directly from the work of the RReSTORe Consortium, as well as featured publications from RReSTORe members that are pertinent to our mission of repopulating RGCs to regenerate the diseased visual pathway and restore vision to patients suffering from optic neuropathies.

Retinal ganglion cell repopulation for vision restoration in optic neuropathy: a roadmap from the RReSTORe Consortium.

Soucy JR, Aguzzi EA, Cho J, Gilhooley MJ, Keuthan C, Luo Z, Monavarfeshani A, Saleem MA, Wang XW, Wohlschlegel J; RReSTORe Consortium; Baranov P, Di Polo A, Fortune B, Gokoffski KK, Goldberg JL, Guido W, Kolodkin AL, Mason CA, Ou Y, Reh TA, Ross AG, Samuels BC, Welsbie D, Zack DJ, Johnson TV. Mol Neurodegener. 2023 Sep 21;18(1):64. doi: 10.1186/s13024-023-00655-y. PMID: 37735444

The Retinal Ganglion Cell Repopulation, Stem Cell Transplantation, & Optic Nerve Regeneration (RReSTORe) Consortium.

Johnson TV, Baranov P, Di Polo A, Fortune B, Gokoffski KK, Goldberg JL, Guido W, Kolodkin AL, Mason CA, Ou Y, Reh TA, Ross AG, Samuels BC, Zack DJ. Ophthalmol Sci. 2023 Aug 24.

The importance of unambiguous cell origin determination in neuronal repopulation studies

Johnson TV, Calkins DJ, Fortune B, Goldberg JL, La Torre A, Lamba DA, Meyer JS, Reh TA, Wallace VA, Zack DJ, Baranov P. iScience. 2023 Mar 9;26(4):106361. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2023.106361. eCollection 2023 Apr 21. PMID: 37009209

Recent papers nominated by RReSTORe Members as having especially high impact on the field of vision restoration in optic neuropathy:

  • Guttenplan, K.A., Weigel, M.K., Prakash, P. … Liddelow, S.A., Barres, B.A., et al.Neurotoxic reactive astrocytes induce cell death via saturated lipids. Nature 599, 102. (2021).
  • Tian, F., Cheng, Y., Songlin, Z., … Sanes, J.R., Geschwind, D.H., He, Z., et al., Core transcription programs controlling injury-induced neurodegeneration of retinal ganglion cells. Neuron. 111(3), 444. (2023).
  • Welsbie, D.S., Mitchell, K.L., Jaskula-Ranga, V., … Zack, D.J. et al. Enhanced functional genomic screening identifies novel mediators of dual leucine zipper kinase-dependent injury signaling in neurons. Neuron. 94(6):1142. (2017).
  • Zhao, M., Toma, K., Kinde, B., … Welsbie, D.S., Han, Y., Duan, X., et al. Osteopontin drives retinal ganglion cell resiliency in glaucomatous optic neuropathy. Cell Rep. 42(9):113038. (2023)
  • Jacobi, A., Tran, N.M., Yan, W., … He, Z., Sanes, J.R., Overlapping transcriptional programs promote survival and axonal regeneration of injured retinal ganglion cells. Neuron. 110(16):2625. (2022).
  • Petrova, V., Pearson, C.S., Ching, J. et al.Protrudin functions from the endoplasmic reticulum to support axon regeneration in the adult CNS. Nat Commun11, 5614. (2020).
  • Cheng, Y., Yin, Y., Zhang, A., … Benowitz, L.I., Geschwind, D.H., et al. Transcription factor network analysis identifies REST/NRSF as an intrinsic regulator of CNS regeneration in mice. Nat Commun 13(1), 4418. (2022).
  • Passino, R., Finneran, M.C., Hafner, H., … Geschwind, D.H, Benowitz, L.I., Giger, R.J., Neurotrophil-inflicted vasculature damage suppresses immune-mediated optic nerve regeneration. Cell Rep. 43(3):113931. (2024).
  • Varadarajan S.G., Wang, F., Dhande, O.S., Le, P., Duan, X., Huberman, A.D. Postsynaptic neuronal activity promotes regeneration of retinal axons. Cell Rep 42(5):112476. (2023).
  • Li, L., Fang, F., Feng, X., … Hu, Y., Single-cell transcriptome analysis of regeneration RGCs reveals potent glaucoma neural repair genes. Neuron. 110(16):2646. (2022).
  • Soucy, J.R., Todd, L., Kriukov, E., … Reh, T.A., Baranov, P., et al. Controlling donor and newborn neuron migration and maturation in the eye through microenvironment engineering. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 120(46):e2302089120. (2023).
  • Rheaume, B.A., Jereen, A., Bolisetty, M., … Trakhtenberg, E.F., et al. Single cell transcriptome profiling of retinal ganglion cells identifies cellular subtypes. Nat Comm. 17;9(1):2759. 2018
  • Agarwal, D., Dash, N., Mazo, K.W., … Welsbie, D.S., Wahlin,K.J., et al. Human retinal ganglion cell neurons generated by BMP inhibition and transcription factor mediated reprogramming. Regen Med. 8(1):55. (2023).
  • Subramani, M., Van Hook, M.J. & Ahmad, I. Reproducible generation of human retinal ganglion cells from banked retinal progenitor cells: analysis of target recognition and IGF-1-mediated axon regeneration. Front Cell Dev Biol. 11:1214104. (2023).
  • Cameron, E.G, Nahmou M., Toth, A.B., … Nair, R.V., Kapiloff, M.S., Goldbert, J.L., et al. A molecular switch for neuroprotective astrocyte reactivity. Nature. 626:574. (2024).
  • Ludwig, A.L., Mayeri, S.J., Gao, Y., … Fernandez Zepeda, M.A.., Zhao, X., Gamm, D.M., et al., Re-formation of synaptic connectivity in dissociated human stem cell-derived retinal organoid cultures. Proc Nat Acad Sci. 120(2):e2213418120. (2024).
  • Xing, J., Theune, W.C., Lukomska, A., Frost, M.P., Damania, A., Trakhtenberg, E.F. Experimental upregulation of developmentally downregulated ribosomal protein large subunits 7 and 7A promotes axon regeneration after injury in vivo. Exp Neurol. 368:114510. (2023).

Recent papers published by RReSTORe Members:

  • Pereiro X., Noelia, R., Azkargorta, M., … Santiago, A.R., Vecino, E., et al. Muller glial cells located in the peripheral retina are more susceptible to high pressure: implications for glaucoma. Cell Biosci. 14(1):5. (2024)
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